Client Info

PointCard is a fintech start up that focuses on building a balanced financial future that aligns incentives between people and their payment cards. As a visual designer at PointCard, my focus is on further elevating the brand aesthetic across products, app, physical products, and social media.

Design System Deck (Titan)

As the app becoming more robust, both design team and engineering team felt we need a definite source of truth for typography, layout, color codes, icon specifics, and etc. Red-lining every screen is just not smart and very time consuming. Plus, we already had design system establised.

1. Present all the existing design system.
2. More details the better. Always!
3. Make


Since Titan app was very widget-y, first, I wanted to apply that style to the deck and make the deck a “giant widget”. And one of the pain points I have with presentation decks is that I have to click through the whole deck to find the info I want. So I introduced a little sticky menu on the left side so whoever is using this. deck can navigate easily between categories and subcategories. Some of the screens are scrollable to have all the related information stays in one screen.