Client Info

A fintech start up PointCard focused on building a balanced financial future that aligns incentives between people and their payment cards.
Project Name

Funds Transfer (Neon)


During the redesign process of the PointCard™ App, we aimed to integrate both Neon (debit card) and Titan (charge card) products into a single, multi-product application. My assigned task was to reskin the existing Neon app's Transfer In/Out/Recurring Transfer functionalities to seamlessly fit within the new PointCard™ Neon's multi-product app. As part of this update, new features were introduced that current Neon users might not be aware of yet.


  1. Ensure flow transitions are smooth and seamless, creating a natural user experience.
  2. Clearly indicate the fee for Instant Transfer to avoid any confusion.
  3. Implement a confirmation screen that summarizes the transaction details for user review.
  4. Introduce a dedicated screen to manage recurring transfers in and out efficiently.
  5. Maintain a robust design while keeping the interface clutter-free for enhanced usability.
  6. Prioritize ease of use for users familiar with the current app, making the transition to the new app experience effortless and intuitive.


Given that this marks a significant facelift for the Neon product, my primary objective was to ensure a user-friendly experience by leveraging iOS native features such as menus, alerts, keyboards, modals, and more. However, I also aimed to maintain the unique identity of Neon's brand by customizing these elements to align with the app's distinctive style.

In addition, I organized related action items in a centralized location, making it easier for new users to navigate the app with a consistent and intuitive logic. This approach streamlines the user experience, providing a seamless flow throughout the application.

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