Client Info

PointCard is a fintech start up that focuses on building a balanced financial future that aligns incentives between people and their payment cards. As a visual designer at PointCard, my focus is on further elevating the brand aesthetic across products, app, physical products, and social media.

Fund Transfer (Neon 2)

ProblemPointCard™ App was going through a redesign process for its multi product app to feature both Neon (debit card) and Titan (charge card). My task was to reskin current Neon app’s Transfer In/Out/Recurring Transfer to PointCard™ Neon’s new multi product app. There will be new features that current Neon users aren’t aware of.

1. Make flow transitions fluid and natural.
2. Indicate fee for Instant Transfer
3. Add a confirmation screen that summerizes the transaction
4. A screen to manage recurring transfers in/out
5. Robust but not cluttered.
6. Make the new app experience easy for users who are used to the current app.


Since this is a big facelift for the Neon product, I wanted to make sure it’s easy for users to understand the flow by utilizing iOS native features such as menu, alert, keyboard, modals, and etc., but still making them feel bespoke so it still carries Neon’s brand identity. And also by presenting related action items in one place, so new users can navigate throughout the app with common logic.