Client Info

PointCard is a fintech start up that focuses on building a balanced financial future that aligns incentives between people and their payment cards. As a visual designer at PointCard, my focus is on further elevating the brand aesthetic across products, app, physical products, and social media.

Referrals (Neon 1)

ProblemThere were numerous inquiry on referral status by cardholders who have shared their referral code for rewards but nowhere to track the progress. I collaborated with the business team to solve the issues they encountered by revamping referral flow more informative and robust.

1. How much have I earned so far?
2. Who are my referee?
3. Which referral campaign did my referee complete?
4. When does this campaign end?
5. What’s the cap for the current campaign?
6. Add some simple “social” feature?


I divided the screen estate into 4 sections. The most important and also fundamental data of this flow is how much a cardholder earned so far by referring friends. Second most important is progress of current campaign. And the main CTA will be Sync Contacts for users who haven’t synced their contacts, Send for those who doesn’t have outstanding referrals, and Remind for those who are waiting for their contacts to completing the referral campaign. Extra social feature was added using a bottom sheet to see who joined through the user’s referral link, how much the user earned with each referral, and their Point ID. And for the users convenience, Search feature was added so one can search through their contacts and send referral easily.