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A fintech start up PointCard focused on building a balanced financial future that aligns incentives between people and their payment cards.
Project Name

Referrals (Neon)


Numerous cardholders who shared their referral links for rewards raised multiple inquiries about the status of their referrals, but unfortunately, there was no way for them to track the progress. To address this, I worked closely with the business team to revamp the referral flow, making it more informative and robust, effectively resolving the issues they were facing.


  1. What is my current earnings from referrals?
  2. Who are the individuals I have referred (my referees)?
  3. Which specific referral campaigns did my referees successfully complete?
  4. When is the end date for the ongoing campaign?
  5. Is there a cap on earnings for the current campaign?
  6. Could you incorporate some basic "social" features?


I partitioned the screen estate into four distinct sections, each serving a specific purpose in this flow. The primary and fundamental data displayed is the cardholder's earnings achieved through referrals to friends. Following that, the second most significant aspect is the progress of the current campaign. The main Call-to-Action (CTA) options are as follows: "Sync Contacts" for users who haven't yet synced their contacts, "Send" for those without outstanding referrals, and "Remind" for those awaiting their contacts to complete the referral campaign.

In addition to these essential features, we incorporated an extra social aspect accessible through a bottom sheet. This enables users to view a list of individuals who joined the platform via their referral link, along with the corresponding earnings and Point ID associated with each referral. To enhance user convenience, a Search feature was also integrated, allowing users to easily search through their contacts and promptly send out referrals.

Video Walkthrough ︎︎︎           Prototype ︎︎︎