Client Info

A fintech start up PointCard focused on building a balanced financial future that aligns incentives between people and their payment cards.
Project Name

Transaction Details (Titan) 


The Transaction Detail screen in Neon's existing app was well-structured. However, for Titan, we needed to incorporate specific and essential information unique to this product. This includes displaying a 3x indication for Points, providing categorized spending for 3x customization, and integrating a map to show the merchant location for offline transactions. By including these features, we aimed to enhance the user experience and ensure all crucial details are readily available to Titan users.


  1. Ensure simplicity for easy digestion at a glance.
  2. Make this screen accessible from multiple points within the app.
  3. Create smooth flow transitions to enhance user experience.


I incorporated the current app's bottom sheet feature for Transaction Details due to its minimal disruption to the user experience for several reasons. This screen is designed to be deep-linked, enabling users to access it from both the product's home screen and the Recent Activity screen. By utilizing a bottom sheet, users can enjoy an effortless, fast, and logical journey, as opposed to being redirected to a full-screen page that might give them the impression of entering a separate and disconnected experience.