Client Info

PointCard is a fintech start up that focuses on building a balanced financial future that aligns incentives between people and their payment cards. As a visual designer at PointCard, my focus is on further elevating the brand aesthetic across products, app, physical products, and social media.

Transaction Detail (Titan)

ProblemNeon’s existing app already had well structured Transaction Detail screen. However Titan’s transaction detail needed to show some crucial information that is unique to Titan: 3x indication for Points, Categorized spending for 3x customization, and a map for merchant location of a offline transaction.

1. Keep it simple and easy to digest at a glance.
2. This screen will have to be accessible from multiple screens.
3. Design smooth flow transitions for users


I adopted current app’s bottom sheet feature for Transaction Details because it’s less distruptive on the user’s end for many reasons. This screen is supposed to be deep linked so a user can access it from the product’s home screen and also on Recent Activity screen. By using a bottom sheet, it will allow users to have a easy, fast, and logical journey, instead of putting them in a full screened page which will make them feel like they’re entering another journey.